Caroline Tee

18 years teaching experience Caroline Tee has worked in the health industry since 2002 when she began teaching at Bermuda Bodyworks as a Pilates instructor. She gained her Authentic Pilates certification in 2004 through New York Pilates Studio. In 2009 she developed her intuitive skills under the guidance of renowned  Psychic and Tarot card reader Jane Wallace and continues to read peoples cards and has thus incorporated the crystals’ healing powers into her Reiki practice…. [Read More]

Tracey (Teri) Goodyear

Certified in pilates for 10 years. Teri joined the Horizon Health team as an experienced Pilates instructor having taught in the movement industry for over 17 years. Teri is certified with Stott Pilates since 2012 and her teaching skills are both in rehabilitation and fitness. Before coming to Bermuda to work with Horizon Health studio Teri taught at KX Life private club in London and ESPH Elizabeth Sharp Physio-therapists, Harley Street, London as a pilates instructor. Teri is certified in all forms of movement yoga, Barre, personal training and pilates. Teri has travelled all over the world extensively from Hawaii to Thailand teaching and experiencing different cultures. When Teri is not teaching pilates she enjoys hanging out with friends and eating Thai food or anything spicy. 

Cheryl Owen

Cheryl Owen arrives from the east coast of USA where she has lived and worked for many years bringing up her family.

Cheryl is Physical Mind Institute certified and works well with clients who are brand new to pilates. Cheryl helps clients walk through step by step the moves on the reformer machines and makes them feel comfortable and familiar with the equipment. Cheryl is also great at working with clients seeking the fitness results of pilates and is a fire cracker when she gets you going. In her spare time Cheryl likes cooking and exercising.

Karin Brink

Karin Brink arrives from South Africa where she has lived and taught pilates for over 10 years. Karin is BASI certified and works deeply into the body so you get the maximum results of pilates controlled movement with her sessions. Karin’s years of experience teaching pilates movement and her knowledge of how pilates helps the body have great results and clients love working with her. Karin is also studio supervisor so runs things day to day at Horizon Health studio along with Caroline.

Mary Gewarges

Mary Gewarges island hoped to Horizon Health from Hawaii where she has been living for a few years with her partner teaching Pilates. Mary is Physical Mind Institute pilates certified and has worked in the health and wellness industry since 2004. She focuses on functionality and movement when working with clients and has participated in many further education courses giving her experience and creativity to apply towards individuals working on each client’s alignment of their spine, hips, shoulders and overall well being in a wholistic manner.

Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson is a classical Pilates instructor and has been teaching pilates for over 20 years. Matt has a long list of high level teaching experience including working with Cirque Du Soleil and NFL players to rehabilitate them to top shape through pilates. Matt is a meticulous instructor and focuses on the detail and correct movement patterns of each client. He is amazing at rehab pilates and getting your body to become properly reprogrammed after injury or operation. In his spare time Matt enjoys riding his bicycle long distances, making Lego pieces and exploring historical places. 

Sudheep Subramanian

Sudheep Subramanian is originally from India where he taught pilates and ran several studio enterprises. Sudheep is STOTT pilates certified and works well with clients who are looking to for the optimal pilates challenge in a contemporary approach. Sudheep is humble and kind and offers clients a great pilates experience with his teaching techniques. He has worked with injuries of all kinds as well as high level performance clients. In his spare time Sudheep likes eating his wife’s home cooked food.